About Beyonce World

Beyonce World was created in 2003. It was the first fansite to bring fans from all over the world the latest news and high quallity pictures. It remains to be the most popular fansite about Beyonce.

After almost nine years on constant support towards Beyonce the orginal founder of the website decided to stop running it and gave it to the new staff who were eager to continue the website’s legacy. Unfortunately our hosting didn’t feel the same and suddenly all our content was removed. This cause the website’s downtime for over 2 months. The orginal content couldn’t be restored and also we have problems with restoring the old beyonceworld.net domain. That’s why we’ve decided to switch to THEBEYONCEWORLD.COM. Luckily we managed to backup the complete gallery as we were working on our refreshed gallery available under beyoncepictures.com.

We hope that soon fans will hear that BW is back and that we will manage to remain as your leading source for miss Beyonce. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to contact us!



Ivylyn – general content, news, pictures

Devon – general content, news, pictures

Rick – the orginal founder

Nikki – design, coding, pictures support



E-mail: beyonceworld03 [AT] gmail.com



Althrough everything on the site is our orginal idea we might get inspired by other amazing fansites out there. We try to follow the “hot right now” patterns in designs and updates and we hope nobody find it harming. As for pictures they are belong to orginal owners and we do not claim rights to them. Pictures are watermarked because they are for previewing purpose only. We do not allow posting them anywhere and removing tags is strictly forbidden.