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RUMOR: “Destiny’s Child” Reunion

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After last week’s reunion at the Stellar Awards, which aired last night, rumors are swarming about a reunion tour and possible album. As a long time fan, most of us would be here for this. Reportedly, there is only one problem, Mathew Knowles. For a while now, there have been rumors of a strain between the ladies and Mathew.Fact of the matter is he not only managed Destiny’s Child, but he also managed all of the ladies solo careers too.

Kelly Rowland was the first to fire him from management in about 2009, Michelle followed in 2010, and Beyonce not to long after in 2011. So many rumors have swarmed about Mathew’s money problems, from the court documents over his 2 children from outside of his marriage, to the garage sale he held this past December time frame. Now before we go off the deep in, let us always pay homage to the genius known as Mathew Knowles, because without him, there would not be a Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Kelly nor Michelle. He helped create their platform and they just took it from there. Also, lets remember that his personal indiscretions have nothing to do with him as a successful business man. That’s their family business, not ours.

From what is being reported, it seems Mathew is more than DC’s manager…he is part owner. So the ladies would have to either work under a different name, work out a settlement with Mathew, or come up with a different work around.

For my two cents, do you guys remember before Dangerously In Love, Beyonce did a pay-per-view concert named, “Ford Presents Beyonce Knowles, Friends & Family”. Why not make that a tour? Even if she was to change the name to Beyonce With Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams…or something similar. That way it would incorporate solo and group material.

And may we also remind you that when asked about a Destiny’s Child reunion last month, Kelly’s response was, “I’m just happy that the reaction has been so great to the Stellar performance. That night was all about Michelle and “Say Yes.” She actually got the Best Video Award for that song, so we were really there to support Michelle.” (CITED)

REMINDER: Don’t get too worked up over the reunion though, there has also been the rumor of a Beyonce/Jay Z Duet album coming this year, so only time will tell what is true and comes to light.


WATCH: “SAY YES” At The Stellar Awards

Last weekend, the world went wild when news broke that Beyonce and Kelly joined Michelle Williams on her big night at the Stellar Awards. And not only did they show up, they performed, for the first time, their gospel hit from last year, “Say Yes”. Make sure you check it out below.


Happy Anniversary Jay & Bey!

Categories: Congrats

Had to take a minute out to wish our favorite couple in the world a Happy Anniversary. If you missed it, Jay & Bey, let users on the Tidal app celebrate with them, by posting a very intimate video of Beyonce playing the piano and singing a song titled, “Die With You”. It was very heartfelt, but more importantly…it was real. She showed a side of herself that we rarely get to see, and she also reminded the world of a talent that many forgot she had. This is a prime reason as to why you should get the Tidal app, because exclusives like this is something you really don’t want to miss.


Jay Z & Beyonce Board A Private Jet

Categories: Candids, Pictures

Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted arriving at the airport in NYC where they boarded a private jet together. The loving couple walked arm in arm across the tarmac without daughter Blue Ivy. Jay-Z listened to music on his headphones, while Beyonce held on tight to her large hat to prevent it from blowing away. They watched as a helicopter flew over their plane before boarding the jet and taking off. I wonder if they are heading back to Los Angeles to do some work…..

Check out the photos in the gallery.


Beyonce Featuring……Chris Brown???

Categories: Multimedia, Music

This unofficial remix of the two is making it’s way around the net. I must say, as a fan of both Beyonce and Chris Brown, this is a duet that I have always wished would happen. Until that dream comes true, I’ll just have to make do with this. Check it out below, as the R&B Crooner, Chris Brown, delivers lines like, “Now I’m reminiscing how we fell in love in Texas“.


Jay Z And Beyonce Have Dinner

Categories: Pictures

Bey and Jay were spotted having dinner at a sushi restaurant before Beyonce attended the Channel event on Monday. Check out the photos below.


CHANEL Paris-Salzburg 2014/2015 Metiers d’Art Collection

Beyonce was spotted arriving to and inside the CHANEL Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Metiers d’Art Collection. She posed for photos with fashion designer, artist, and photographer Karl Lagerfeld.


Beyonce Is Back In New York

Categories: Candids, Spotlight photo

Beyonce was spotted dodging raindrops as she left her NYC office building. She wore a beautiful outfit as she prepares to attend the Chanel show and party at the NYC Armory. She wore a navy coat over her shoulders with “OMG” written on it. Her rainbow dress brightened up a dark dreary day in NYC. She finished the look with purple pom pom high heels. Check out the photos by clicking the thumbnails below.



Categories: Appearances, Music, Pictures

I guess, by now you have noticed this trending topic. Well today the artists are on a rise. They have launched their own streaming music service. Some of today’s leading artists have come together to bring you, “Tidal”. Tidal offers High Fidelity streaming of your favorite artists music, and is promising to bring future exclusives that can only be found on the app. So who are these artists? Of course, when talking about leading artists, there is Beyonce & Jay Z, but also Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Usher, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, and so many more. Check out the photos in our gallery from the signing. Also follow our instagram….We are on Tidal…are you?


Destiny’s Child Reunion at the Stellar Gospel Music Awards

Destiny’s Child is reuniting for a surprise performance at an awards show.

We’re told Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland will make an appearance at the Stellar Gospel Music Awards in Las Vegas at the Orleans Arena on Saturday, where Michelle Williams is up for several awards.

The girl-power trio is set to open the awards ceremony with a performance, said a source, and that has sparked whispers from insiders about a reunion tour.

But a rep for Beyoncé said there “is no truth to the rumor of a Destiny’s Child reunion tour”.

The girl group last performed together for Beyoncé’s 2013 Super Bowl halftime show.

The show, co-hosted by Rickey Smiley, airs Easter Sunday on TV One.


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