R&B singer Luke James’career began buzzing a little over a year ago, and now he’s on his way to having a career hotter than a Lousiana summer.

The New Orleans native recently received a call breaking the news that he would be opening for Beyonce’s highly anticipated Memorial Day Weekend Revel Concert in Atlantic City, and it’s all seemed like a whirlwind of rehearsals and amazing music since.

Bursting onto the scene with his breakout hit “I Want You,” Luke James has been working non-stop to fulfill his dream- music.

GlobalGrind managed to catch up with Luke during his rehearsal time with Beyonce to chit-chat about opening for King Bey, going to school with Frank Ocean, and of course the juicy stuff-sex.

Check out GlobalGrid’s exclusive interview below!

GlobalGrind: How did you end up linking up with Beyonce?

Luke James: Well, basically, that all happened through my manager, Frank Gatson who works side by side with her throughout her career. She’s known of me since I’ve started in this business and what not. And I guessed it just felt right. My manager approached her with the option of using me as far as an opening act and she agreed. So, that’s basically how it happened.

I know you’ve been rehearsing nonstop. Has Beyonce given you any advice on giving a good show?

Her advice doesn’t come directly, it’s been indirect, to me. Watching her perform and her work ethic as far as rehearsing and all that kind of stuff, I kind of got that information from her that way, by just watching — just being a sponge.

You’re from New Orleans. And you used to go to high school with Frank Ocean, right?

It’s a little weird, though, because I’m a little bit older than him. So I kind of vaguely remember him, but we went to school at the same time, yeah definitely.

How does it feel to see that you are both coming up in the game?

It’s amazing. Really, it’s amazing. I ran into Frank when he first moved to LA, and he told me like “oh, we went to school together,” and I kind of remembered him a little bit and we got cool then. And, then, just working with the same producers and whatnot, I just always saw something dope about Frank, and whatnot. And just to see his grind and what he’s come from, and how far he’s come to now is like amazing. And to be doing it all at the same time, to be making noise at the same time, it’s really dope.  I think it does a lot for the city.

Can we expect a Luke James, Frank Ocean collaboration in the future?

I don’t know, maybe.  Maybe, possibly. Anything is possible. Music makes that happen.

Your breakout song, “I Want You,” was inspired by an epiphany you had when you realized you weren’t the best boyfriend, right?   


Do you have a different perspective on relationships since you wrote that song?

I think it’s more enhanced. I have a very more enhanced idea, more confident, as far as doing what I want and what I’m willing to give. “I Want You” is, yes, me having an epiphany. I don’t know, I feel like everyday I’m learning something new about love, about relationships and whatnot. Being with someone else — it all boils down to understanding that you’re partner is a human. Take away the female and male thing, the differences and all that — if you just realize both of you are two different human beings, share different understandings about love and relationships. It’s some hard shit to deal with. My idea of being in a relationship and all that kind of stuff has grown…not changed, it’s just been developing. I’m learning something everyday.

What’s your ideal girl?

Somebody that is exciting, keep it fun. Intelligent. Someone who has an imagination. I can’t really rock with anybody who doesn’t dream. That’s just me. That’s who I am. I don’t know, someone who loves love.

Do you believe at love at first sight?

I don’t know.

Because you haven’t experienced that yet?

No, not love at first sight. No. My love patterns have always been in front of me and I always miss them and it takes a long time for me to realize. I’m a slow learner. But it happens!

What was the happiest day of your life?

Are we talking about me as an artist or in general, in life?

In general. In life.

I don’t know. I have so many of those. I can’t really just pick one and say that’s the greatest. I don’t know. I’m alive—that’s my happiest day. Shit. God gotta wake up the birds, the bees, the little ants and then he chooses to wake me up? Just little ol’ me? I’m happy. Thank you! That’s all I ask for.

What’s your favorite thing to do besides make music?

I like fashion. I like looking at shit—movies, I like women. I like sex, a whole lot of it. I like to work out. I’m getting into bike riding, as far as motorcycles and stuff. I’m trying to buy me a bike. I think that will be my next little love interest. My little love affair. There’s so much that I like. It’s kind of a weird question. I like a lot of things. I like to eat.

Music is really everything to me. I wake up, I think about it. Music is everything. If I’m not singing, if I’m not performing, it’s something to do with music. Something that expires me. Music is all around me. Right now I’m in the damn gym playing music and it’s killing me right now.

When did you realize that you had to be doing music?

I can’t remember the exact moment but it definitely had something to do with school. It definitely had something to do with school. I think I just knew it was for me. Moments in school, moments of having a heartbreak. Moment of getting through life, just understanding me as a man and all that, I think music was always there for me. So, I think the moment where I just couldn’t have music—I  think that was in school. When I was just sitting there. Can’t have a radio in there, can’t have nothing. So I’m just sitting there thinking about music. It had to be sometime in school. Maybe high school is really when I knew music was exactly what I was going to do. High school, you gotta think about what’s your next move after high school. College or what? You know, so, music.

You mentioned you like to have a lot of sex, where is the craziest place you have ever had sex?

Let me think. I’ve had a lot of sex. Let me stop (laughs).

I don’t think it was the wildest. It think it was just awkward. It was in a spa, but like people around us. They were there. They were on the next bench over from us.

That’s pretty wild.

Yeah, felt awkward—trying to keep my focus. (laughs)