Laura Carmichael is enjoying the perks of DowntonAbbey‘s success in America and has developed a massive crush while spending time in the US – the Brit star is crazy about Beyonce Knowles.

‘I have such a huge girl crush on Beyonce,’ admits Laura, 25.

‘She’s just so sexy and inspirational and she makes no secret of the fact she works hard.

‘If I’m feeling discouraged or at a low ebb I ask myself, “What would Beyonce do?” and I know she would go to the gym or the supermarket.’

The actress, who plays prim and proper Lady Edith Crawley in the ITV drama, was lucky enough to find herself within reaching distance of her idol at The Met Ball in New York.

But, poor Laura was so astounded that she couldn’t muster up the courage to approach Beyonce, instead making do with admiring her Givenchy couture dress from a distance.