Do you remember sitting in the movie theater on December 5, 2008 watching Cadillac Records for the first time? I know I most certainly do! I was overly excited and anxious just to see Beyoncé. I read and watched so many interviews Beyoncé did talking about this movie. She stated many times that this role really took her out of her element and that we would see a different side to her. Beyoncé was right because about an hour into the film she finally appeared on screen and boy I wasn’t expecting what I saw. She was no longer the sweet and shy girl from Houston we’ve all come to love she was Etta James who was demanding, vulgar, and provocative. I was so proud of Beyoncé because it never felt like I was watching Beyoncé on screen, but rather I was just seeing Etta James life being captured. The way she stayed committed to her character was astounding. There were many highlights in this movie for me, but one that stood out to me was when she delivered her rendition of Etta James “All I Could Do Was Cry.” A chill surged throughout my body the moment Beyoncé opened her mouth. The way she was able to wrap every single lyric in a big ball and belt it out with genuine heartfelt passion was gold to my ears. This movie never gets old to me and I still enjoy it today. Check the scene below: