Since the announcement on October 16th 2012 that Beyoncé was set to perform during this years Super Bowl Halftime show the building anticipation has reached an all time high today. Get ready Beyhive because Beyoncé is to make appearance at the Super Bowl’s halftime show press conference today. So stay tuned for live coverage on Beyoncé World.

– Beyonce is said to take the stage at 3:15

– To watch the live stream of the press conference click here

– Beyonce is now on the stage!

– Beyonce sang the national anthem to lay all the rumors to rest! After words she responded with “Any Questions”?

– Beyonce was asked if Destiny’s Child will be in the Halftime show and she responded with “Wait And See”.

– When asked if she will sing live she responded with “I will absolutely be singing live, I was born to do this”.

– Beyonce Said “I dont no if im performing at the grammy’s…… We will see.

– When asked when she is going back on tour she responded with “soon, and after the performance i have an announcement so stay tuned”!

– Beyonce’s press conference is over and she is now taking photos!

– We have added the photos of Beyonce at the Press conference into our gallery! stay tuned for the HQ Photos!