What do you do when you’re told no? Do you accept it or do you chop it up to that’s not the right person you should be talking to? In Beyoncé’s case she never took the set backs and the no’s personal. She took them as a learning experience and pushed even harder. As you know June 22, 2003 marked the official debut of Beyoncé’s solo career. A year where her career could go nowhere but up, Beyoncé made an enormous impact that year. After being told she didn’t have one hit single on her album, but only to prove she had five instead. The imprint Beyoncé left on the music industry in 2003 lead to her being a favorite contender at the 2004 46th Grammy Awards. Having one of the most memorable openings with Prince (seriously how many can say they performed with Prince?) to having the most talked about solo performance (that received a standing ovation). Only to end the night with five Grammy awards in hand. Beyoncé proved that she was a force to be reckoned with and here to stay. At this point in her career I believe Beyoncé has earn her place rightful so in the music industry as Beyoncé! And what I mean by that is no she isn’t Whitney, Mariah, Aretha, or Trina, but she’s Beyoncé! She’s her own artist and person now where she deserves that respect. Hate it or love it Beyoncé has made an impact that will forever secure her place down the line as a legend.