Do you remember hearing “Resentment” for the first time? I do and the first thought that popped into my head was “WOW.” It’s one thing to read the lyrics to “Resentment,” but it’s another experience to actually hear Beyoncé sing it… especially live! So imagine how overly excited I was to find out that Beyoncé would be performing it for the first time live at Wynn Las Vegas. One of Beyoncé’s endless talents is her ability to interpret music. The way she’s able to wrap a lyric with so much genuine heartfelt passion is unreal. Seeing this performance for the first time was breathtaking. Every time I watch this a chill surges throughout my body when I hear the acoustic guitar begin to accompany her. Why? Because I know Beyoncé is about to take me on this emotional journey. The way she captivates you with such ease and such magnificence is just… I have no words to explain it. It’s so sweet, so simple, yet it possesses a subtle powerfulness at the same time. Hearing Beyoncé live is very passionate, powerful, and pure. It’s an experience every Beyhive member should have at least once. I wonder what fan favorites Beyoncé might add to the second leg of The Mrs. Carter Show? I would love to see “Deja Vu” make a comeback to her set list again. What’s your favorite Beyoncé song you would like her to perform that she normally doesn’t?