PepsiCo Beverages Italy, has selected Rexam’s FUSION aluminium bottle as its pack of choice for their limited edition Pepsi Beyoncé bottle. Chosen for its stand out shape and the graphic potential available from Rexam’s high definition printing, the FUSION aluminium bottle encapsulates the global partnership between PepsiCo and Beyoncé, and Pepsi’s close association with the dynamic music world.

Barbara Saba, CSD Marketing and Engagement Channel Manager for PepsiCo Beverages Italy, says, “We work collaboratively with Rexam to develop creative solutions that not only support our products from a technical perspective, but add value to our marketing messaging. The can and in particular the FUSION aluminium bottle is so much more than Pepsi packaging, it communicates our brand vision to the end consumer.”

Produced at Rexam’s Ejpovice plant in the Czech Republic, the limited edition Pepsi Beyoncé bottle is printed with the distinctive PepsiCo colours red and blue on a silver background and uses the aluminium substrate of the bottle to striking effect. It will be distributed in the Italian HoReCa channel until December 2013.