After last week’s reunion at the Stellar Awards, which aired last night, rumors are swarming about a reunion tour and possible album. As a long time fan, most of us would be here for this. Reportedly, there is only one problem, Mathew Knowles. For a while now, there have been rumors of a strain between the ladies and Mathew.Fact of the matter is he not only managed Destiny’s Child, but he also managed all of the ladies solo careers too.

Kelly Rowland was the first to fire him from management in about 2009, Michelle followed in 2010, and Beyonce not to long after in 2011. So many rumors have swarmed about Mathew’s money problems, from the court documents over his 2 children from outside of his marriage, to the garage sale he held this past December time frame. Now before we go off the deep in, let us always pay homage to the genius known as Mathew Knowles, because without him, there would not be a Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Kelly nor Michelle. He helped create their platform and they just took it from there. Also, lets remember that his personal indiscretions have nothing to do with him as a successful business man. That’s their family business, not ours.

From what is being reported, it seems Mathew is more than DC’s manager…he is part owner. So the ladies would have to either work under a different name, work out a settlement with Mathew, or come up with a different work around.

For my two cents, do you guys remember before Dangerously In Love, Beyonce did a pay-per-view concert named, “Ford Presents Beyonce Knowles, Friends & Family”. Why not make that a tour? Even if she was to change the name to Beyonce With Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams…or something similar. That way it would incorporate solo and group material.

And may we also remind you that when asked about a Destiny’s Child reunion last month, Kelly’s response was, “I’m just happy that the reaction has been so great to the Stellar performance. That night was all about Michelle and “Say Yes.” She actually got the Best Video Award for that song, so we were really there to support Michelle.” (CITED)

REMINDER: Don’t get too worked up over the reunion though, there has also been the rumor of a Beyonce/Jay Z Duet album coming this year, so only time will tell what is true and comes to light.