Who needs a single when the radio will be playing your whole album? Lets just hope “Daddy Lessons” lands on country radio.

Beyoncé, it’s generally accepted, operates on a different plane to the rest of us. She announces albums with no notice! She accompanies said albums with hour long music videos! She makes said hour long music videos so good that they’re nominated for Emmys (probably — HBO is submitting LEMONADE for consideration in the variety special category)! Which is why one single from her internet-breaking, Becky-terrifying 6th album LEMONADE could never have been enough.

No, it appears Columbia Records have taken the unprecedented move of releasing the entire record to radio, leaving us with the tantalizing question of just which Beyoncé track will triumph to define the LEMONADE era. Will it be the one with Jack White? The one with the Weeknd? It’s like the airplay equivalent of Blur v Oasis, if every member of Blur was Beyoncé. And every member of Oasis was Beyonce. And…oh, just roll with it. – i-D