It’s Here!!!!!!!!! We have uploaded the video of us going through our very first fanbook titled ‘The Beyonce World Presents: GiftedVirgo’. We again would like to thank everyone who participated because without you guys there would be no book, We are very appreciative and it does nothing more then make us excited for the next time we all come together for another project. Special thank you to Ryan who designed the front and back covers as well as the chapter pages which all came out amazing! You were amazing to work with and we are so glad to have you with the BW family. Make sure you guys follow him on Twitter / Instagram. Big thank you to Yvette Noel-Schure who made sure that Beyonce received this book that we all worked so hard on. Last but not least thank you again Beyonce for being who you are and for allowing us to watch you continue to grow into the amazing artist you are. We love you and hope you enjoy!