She is known for being a glamorous diva. But Beyonce shows a very different side of herself in an unearthed vintage video clip in which she gives lessons on playing pool etiquette. In the cute and fun clip, the 30-year-old singer is seen baring her midriff in a bejeweled cropped top and a pair of jeans.  And soon enough she does a little booty-shakin’ dance of joy as she emerges – as she predicted – victorious.

Chewing heavily on some gum, the make-up free songstress playfully and cheekily mocks her way through her advice on having the perfect manners at the billiard table. First off she says that her number one rule is that ‘she will not lose. Her second tip is to ‘psych out your opponent by talking smack.’ The third, is ‘being a gracious winner’, however Beyonce hardly abides by it as she heckles her opponent.

‘I whooped him. It does not matter boo, I whooped you,’ she says as she argues with her playing partner. The cocky winner then goes on to do a victory dance around the pool table as she warns viewers not to ‘gloat too much.’

It is unknown when and where exactly the video was shot, but it appears to be way before her time of becoming a mother to her new daughter Blue Ivy. It also shows Beyonce looking more low-key and natural than her usual glamorous red-carpet self, a look that lately she appears to be reverting back to.

Beyonce has been toning down her image since welcoming Blue Ivy into the world in January. She has often been seen stepping out make-up free and wearing more casual outfits during her outings.

The Beautiful Liar star recently said she is eager to have more nippers with rap mogul husband Jay-Z. She said: ‘I definitely want to have more. I don’t know how many. God knows, I don’t know yet.’