In the past year Beyonce has really stepped up her social media game, finally giving millions of fans what they’ve been waiting for. The Grammy award-winning artist now has a Tumblr and an Instagram account. In a short time she’s amassed 1.1 million followers under “Baddie Bey” on Instagram, a name which she credits to the OMG Girlz.

The dynamic trio, including Beauty, T.I.’s daughter have one goal and that’s to promote girl power through music. In November the group was featured on the Ishlist 36 where they counted down seven reasons why they felt Beyonce was “Baddie.” Bey caught wind of the video and took the nickname for her Instagram username.

As usual Beyonce wrote a handwritten note, which she sent to thank the girls for helping her choose her name. “Hey Beautiful Young Ladies Thank you so much for the sweet things ya’ll said. You named my Instagram !!FYI!! I’m very proud of you ladies. I hope to see ya’ll soon. – Baddie Bey”

It’s pleasant to see Beyonce acknowledge young girls who look up to her, helping to ensure the next generation of “Baddies” are on the right track.