Fans, supporters, visitors: listen up!

Here we are again Beyhive! its the beginning of a new era, The 5th era and we could not all be more excited! The BW crew is SOO Excited that we want to Announce our very first fan project!

So we are sure you guys are wondering what the fan project is? Well the fan project will be a HOTTASS Fan book Inspired By Beyonce’s 16 Years in the industry

What we want from YOU:
– Letters (Attach photo of yourself and twitter if you have one because it will be placed next to it)
– Stories About a Beyoncé experience you have had (ex. attending a tour, album or perfume signing, seeing a video for the 1st time etc.)
– Photos of you and Beyoncé
– Drawings
– Photos of your Bey Collection (you can also be in the photo if you like)
– Recreating A Photo shoot

You can either pick one of the options above or do all of them. We would greatly appreciate it if you did as many as possible! We want this to be a fun Representation of the BeyHive so make sure you enjoy yourself!!!!
Note that photo entries must be in HIGH quality, so it’s easier for us to work with.

Don’t forget to include your name, country, and Twitter name(if you have one)! Send your entry to:

Every single person that enters will be featured in this book and it will Be received By Beyonce When we attend the “Mrs.Carter” Tour In Chicago, IL on July 17th.

We want to create something that represents The Hive in a great way & lets Beyonce know that we support her to the fullest.

let’s make something memorable together to give Beyonce that shows her how much we love her & appreciate her.

Get crazy, creative & most importantly have fun!

Deadline: JUNE 16th