Lee got the chance to go to not one, not two, but Three Shows for Beyonce’s current world tour. He decided to email BW about his full experience which you can check out below.

When i witnessed the “I Am….Tour” I wondered HOW could Beyoncé top it? Well, she has in 4 words. The Mrs Carter Show.

Bringing her eagerly anticipated tour to the UK for 6 nights at London’s o2 arena I was lucky enough to witness Queen B. from one of the best spots, front row centre main stage. Having arrived the night before I was ready to witness the greatest performer take London.

Once we received our early entry wristbands, merchandise was brought, gates were ready, queue time was over. The time had come. I have to say London’s o2 is one of, if not the best venues to stand at.

The doors opened and we took a nice “power walk” (no running, apparently) from first in the queue, to claim the centre stage position, “to the left, to the left” of Beyoncé’s view, main stage.

Seeing the main stage and HUGE Beystage in the flesh, after seeing pictures online fuelled the adrenalin. The venue soon filled and Luke James took to the stage. That meant Bey was coming. In 30 minutes.

Teasing the sold out crowd was Beyoncé’s “Heat” commercial playing, but it was when the new “H&M” advert played showcasing the new track “Standing on The Sun” that the crowd really paid attention. With minutes to go the last teaser came, the EPIC Pepsi advert with of course “Grown Woman” playing. After adding it to the set since Paris I was READY to witness it live.

Suddenly the moment had come. Lights out. The Mrs Carter Show was ready. Revealing a huge curtain with “B” and dramatic drums playing, the screams filled the o2 waiting to welcome Bey to the stage. The curtain lifted, she was coming. After a intro video and the dancers took to the stage, Bey sprang from under the stage with flames bursting and “Run The World” began.

The screams and cheers took over and welcomed Bey to the stage before she blew the crowd away with the energetic routine for “End Of Time” complete with a firework finale.

She wondered “I don’t know why you love me” while performing “Flaws & All” it was clear to see why the world DID love Beyoncé.

Complete with a interactive screen which made an appearance at the Super Bowel, “Baby Boy” was performed which made the crowd wild with excitement.

With flames and the infamous nipple costume (only worn by the dancers now) she told the crowd through an interlude “tonight, I’ll be your naughty girl” before moving onto the track.

“Party” was a stand out performance, complete with Bey requesting the crowd put their hands up and follow her routine which the whole arena did.

A personal favourite, “Schoolin’ Life” was performed and it wasn’t long before Bey took to the skies and flew across the arena to take the Beystage in the stunning blue glitter catsuit. It still never gets old hearing literally the WHOLE arena sing along to “Irreplaceable.” Another favourite “Love On Top” was performed and the energy from the crowd was unreal with everyone signing along.

Sadly the only DC song sung (although a bloody good one) was “Survivor” complete with classic air fist pumps before Bey flew back to the main stage.

Moving from “Crazy In Love” to “Single Ladies” made the whole arena wild. Then, the moment had come….. “Grown Woman.” Witnessing it live just build to the anticipation of WHEN it will be released…. In the meantime I got to witness it live so I can wait a little longer. Only a little.

After a beautiful video interlude for “I Was Here” (i must say the video interludes are insane this tour) the classic Whitney Houston track “I Will Always Love You” was sung a-cappella before the finale, “Halo.”

Thanking the crowd for the continuous support, Bey gave a shout out to her crew and left the crowd to deafening cheers from the amazed crowd.

The Mrs Carter Show was over. FIN.

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