#BeyHive you should know by now how much BW loves and adore you guys for all your continuous support over the years right? So we would like to show you guys some love. The Beyoncé World would like to announce our first contest of the year. In support of Beyoncé’s Mrs. Carter World Tour, the BW staff would like to give you guys a change to win a Mrs. Carter World Tour merchandise fan package. So what’s included in this package we speak of? The winner will receive a Mrs. Cater t-shirt, tour book, and poster if chosen. For those of you who won’t be able to attend the Mrs. Carter World Tour this is especially a great opportunity for you to take a piece of the tour home with you. This contest is open to all fans world wide!

So how can you win this awesome Mrs. Carter World Tour merchandise fan package?

Well here is what you have to do:

Recreate any Beyoncé Photoshoot! You guys can recreate any photo Beyoncé has done from her albums, magazines, Tumblr, and Instagram of YOURSELF.

You cannot copy and paste yourself on Beyoncé nor cut her out the photo and copy and paste yourself into it.

You must recreate whatever photo you decide to use of YOURSELF.

The BW staff will pick 5 of the best and most creative entries summited, then we will let you guys vote and pick the final winner of the contest.

When submitting entry: Please do not blend your image that you recreate with Beyoncé’s image. Just send your photo in and the picture you decided to recreate. If you’re picked we will place the images side by side for fans to vote. Also please try your best to send a HQ image in to make things easier.

Send all photo’s to:
Grand prize: Mrs. Carter World Tour merchandise fan package (t-shirt, tour book, and poster)
Deadline: JUNE 16th