Beyonce is “definitely ratchet,” says The Dream. Naysayers doubt the authenticity of what some see as Bey’s proud new ratchet phase. Others who’ve followed her career from day one say she’s clearly always been this way. So is The Dream responsible for all this ratchetness?

The Dream couldn’t stop talking about ratchet in our sit down with him to discuss all things IV Play. He loves all things ratchet including his song “Turnt” featuring Beyonce and 2 Chainz, which he says is absolutely ratchet. Not only is Bey his self-proclaimed sister, Dream’s working on Bey’s forthcoming album, so he’d obviously have the inside scoop on Bey’s ratchet ways. We had to know if he put her up to the “Ratchet” gold hoop earrings she rocked on Instagram, or her cursing in songs like “Bow Down” (which he didn’t write or produce) or her rocking a gold grill while showing her support for the president. But per Dream, that’s all Bey. “I think it’s about being comfortable being where you are at a certain time,” he said. “Bey is bigger than life. I can’t even imagine this guy, Terius Nash, being that big and having to hold all this ratchet in.”

The Houston chanteuse has had it in her for quite some time. YouTube some of her early Destiny’s Child interviews, particularly the one where she’s eating grapes during a freaking interview. We love this by the way. And let’s not forget her favorite restaurant is Popeye’s. As far as her telling “bitches” to “bow down,” Dream says every now and then you have to get some things off your chest. “Sometimes you just got to let a little steam off. Turn up.” Bey loves a good turn up. After all, she was spotted at NYC’s Grits and Biscuits party, y’all. Straight ratchet!