Bey stopped in Chicago on Wednesday(July 17) for her Mrs. Carter Show world tour and BW had the privilege to attend as most of you guys know! We had an amazing time at the show and there are really no words to express the experience. When Mrs. Carter flew to the BeyStage she grabbed her towel, patted her face then looked at me(Devon) and smiled and gave me her towel which you can see here. She then had the whole United Center give our very own Jodeci a Happy 21st Birthday! We would like to thank Beyonce’s publicists Yvette Noel-Schure who we had the pleasure of meeting and who also reassured us that she would be giving Beyonce the ‘Gifted Virgo’ fan book. It was an amazing night and we will never forget it! Check out the high quality photos below.

Also check out the photos of Beyonce earlier that day in Toronto with Jay and Blue