We caught up with Dennis Kolpodinos (designer of the famous Mrs. Carter Show catsuit) to ask a few questions about the costume, the experience of working with Beyoncé, plus more which you can check out below!

BW: First off we would like to say that your catsuit costume is our absolute favorite from The Mrs. Carter Show Tour! that is how we (BW) were introduced to you so can you tell us a little more about yourself?

Dennis: I am a fashion and celebrity wardrobe stylist based in Greece and London, working with most artists in Greece and London. Also I work with Vrettos Vrettakos who is a fashion designer as well and many other.

BW: How did you get the attention of Beyoncé and her team, also what has the experience been like working with her?

Dennis: Beyoncé’s stylist Ty Hunter showed our collection for the fall/winter 2013 in Moscow. I sent him some outfits from the show and they choose the blue catsuit for the Grammy’s at first, but finally they told us that the costume would be apart of The Mrs Carter Show World Tour. Beyoncé loved the fit and the colour of the catsuit, it is her favorite from the tour.

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BW: What inspired you to come up with the costume for the tour and what was Beyoncé’s reaction when she seen it?

Dennis: The catsuit was not created strictly for the tour but for Beyoncé, so you can imagine that our inspiration is Beyoncé. We both love her body and her femininity. We create clothes that fit perfect on bodies, we love feminine lines and expensive products that make women elegant. Beyoncé is the perfect model for our creations.

She loves the catsuit and that’s why she chose the costume for the biggest part of her show. She told us that she feels sexy in it.

BW: What does it feel like for you to see your creation for the tour be worn all around the world and have the fans respond to it they way they do with such positive feed back?

Dennis: We feel grateful to Ty and of course Beyoncé for choosing our creation for something so big like a world tour. All the press and fans love this outfit and that’s what we wanted.

When we went to Serbia for the first concert all of Bey’s team told us how they loved our catsuit. I wont forget Tina Knowles and Ashley Everett, how excited they were. From the first day Italian vogue talked about us, and all the fashion showrooms wants our creations.

BW: Since working with Beyoncé what new and exciting opportunities have you had?

Dennis: We just finished our spring/summer collection 2014 in Russia fashion week. Also we finished Beyoncé’s new outfit for the North America leg of the tour which kicks off this month (November), and we are also planning to work with many celebrities like Britney Spears, Celine Dion, and Rihanna.

BW: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. Let us know where we can contact you and what should we be looking forward to from you in the near future?

Dennis: We are waiting for you guys to tell us what you think about the new tour outfit which you will see in a few weeks. We promise it will not disappoint you guys.

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