Unless you’re asexual (or Keri Hilson), it’s impossible to hear Beyoncé’s “Rocket” and not feel an intense urge to invite your guy/gal/cutty buddy over to do the no-pants dance. And according to the song’s author, the song was written with that in mind.

Miguel, who penned Bey’s 2013 update to D’Angelo’s rhetorical classic “Untitled (How Does It Feel),” says he was challenged by Mrs. Carter to push the envelope with some of her most risqué lyrics yet.

“I’ll never forget the conversation I had with Beyoncé and her insisting that nothing was off-limits,” Miguel tells VIBE. “And me being like, ‘Oh yeah, you sure? Because I can really take it there.’”

And take it there he did. Once Miguel got the OK from Yonce, he came up with the song’s definitive opening line: “Let me sit this ass… on you.”

“What’s the first thing I’d want Beyoncé to say to me, as a man? What have I not heard her say?” Miguel recalls thinking. “That’s where the song came from. And essentially it’s what all of us would want Beyoncé to say to us—no disrespect, obviously, to Jay.”

Miguel just might be on to something (see the lustful slow-mo video for “Rocket”). But his record isn’t the only track on Beyoncé that shows off her sensual side. She sings about cunnilingus on “Blow” and returns the favor in the backseat of a car on “Partition.” “Drunk In Love,” her duet with hubby Jay Z, even popularizes a sex position (Serfbort!).

“She’s confident and [“Rocket”] showcases that part of her that we haven’t seen—her confidence and her sexuality—which can be liberating to a certain degree,” says Miguel, who is hard at work on his Kaleidoscope Dream follow-up. “I hope that’s why she loves the record—that’s why I love the record.”

He adds: “She’s a beautiful woman and that’s why even women love her… She just rocked everyone’s world.” —John Kennedy.

Source: Vibe Magazine