Hold on! Don’t try to slow me down!

After the Grammys, DJ Khaled dropped a new track and it featuring no other than Beyonce and Jay Z!

Definitely different than the vibe Beyonce has been giving lately. Beyonce sings, “Money don’t make me happy, and a fella can’t make me fancy.Smiling for a whole ‘nother reason, all smiles through all four seasons“, in the song she talks about how she has been winning, but not because of the reasons you thinks she is.

Now I’d be lying if I didn’t say, it sounds like they are taking shots at…… someone…..

Petty Petty Petty
I been winning steady
Yonce Yonce Yonce
All up on yo grill lil boy
Poppin off at the mouth, all yeah boy
Came out ’97, Winning 20 years boy

Then Jay Z raps:

I shouldn’t even work back with niggas
12 solo albums, all platinum niggas
I know you aint out here talkin down
Saying boss shit when you a runner right?