When Beyoncé’s surprise self-titled album touched down last month, a minor mystery quickly shot out from the forest of the album’s liner notes. Among the usual suspects—Timbaland, the-Dream, Pharrell, Hit-Boy—someone by the name “Boots” was everywhere on the record. He wrote and produced “Haunted”, “Heaven”, and, perhaps most strikingly, “Blue”, the song dedicated to Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter. He sang backup vocals on and performed many or all of the instruments on several songs. In an interview, Beyoncé name-checked him as “an innovator,” while a member of her creative team tweeted the only currently available picture of Boots, with…

Beyoncé youtube channel just posted this new video of Beyoncé Visual Album event at SVA Theater, New York City. She talks about the new album feelings, how she had to overcome her fears and all the things about this excellent project. Check it out:

Just in case you didn’t see the event pictures:

PICTURE LINK: – 2013 Appearances: December 21…

Beyoncé has indeed been in the business for most of her life—and her new album is all about the freedom she has earned after giving herself to her fans for the last 15 years.

“Now I’m in my 30s, and those children that grew up listening to me have grown up, and I always felt like it was my responsibility to be aware of kids and their parents and all these generations,” the platinum-selling superstar muses in “Self-Titled Part 5. Honesty,” the latest installment, exclusively obtained by E! News, of her documentary…

The video compilation part. 4 is out now! It’s called “Liberation”. Beyoncé says how she can live being a mother and a professional at the same time. She also talks about how fun was to make “Partition” and other sexy songs and music videos. That’s all about it beats and sexiness. Check it out below:

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“Beyonce” sold 991,000 in its first 10 days and is (so far) the 12th biggest-selling album of 2013.

Beyonce’s new self-titled album remains unstoppable on the Billboard 200 chart, as it spends a second week atop the list.

“Beyonce” sold 374,000 copies in the week ending Dec. 22 (down 39%), according to Nielsen SoundScan. It bowed at No. 1 on the previous week’s chart, after only three days on sale, with 617,000 sold.

The album was released on an off-cycle Friday, Dec. 13. Its debut on the chart a week ago came from sales in the week ending Dec. 15.

Most of the time we just listen to a B song and we don’t even imagine how fun she had making and recording it. In this third part of her “Self-Titled” video compilation, we can watch Beyoncé and Jay-Z recording “Drunk In Love” in the studio and it music video. Also, It details Beyoncé’s mind-set and artistic vision throughout the making of the entire project.

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Beyoncé was stunning at the SVA Theater in New York City to present “Beyoncé” visual album. We’ve uploaded the photos in our gallery and you can see them all just clicking the thumbs below:

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