Alicia Keys and Beyoncé fans have wondered for far too long why the music video for “Put It in a Love Song” — filmed back in 2010 in Brazil with a Carnival-esque theme — never popped up in their endless (and fruitless) YouTube searches. Speaking to Essence magazine, Alicia Keys finally explains why the final cut didn’t get to see a daylight after all. Finally, fans have been dying to know what ever happen to the “Put It In a Love Song” video you shot with Beyoncé?

KEYS: Ohhh man! Y’all aren’t going to leave me alone about that! Sometimes with creative things [it] all comes together and it’s (makes perfection kissing noise) and sometimes things almost come together and it’s better to just leave it. So we love that song. We had a ball shooting the video. It just so happens that the whole thing, for some reason or another, didn’t quite come together so we just decided to leave it. And that’s what happened.