All hail, Queen Bey!

Shoppers at a Tewksbury, Massachusetts Walmart were shocked when pop star Beyonce paid a surprise visit to the superstore on December 20. The star, whose new self-titled album shattered sales records after dropping unannounced on Dec. 13, jumped on the Walmart loudspeaker and casually offered to pay the first $50 of every customer’s Christmas purchase via a gift card. According to local Fox affiliate WGHP, the grammy-winning artist stopped at the store on her way to performing a concert in Boston.

“It was amazing, quite a scene,” Walmart spokeswoman Sarah McKinney told the station. “Everybody was so excited when she came in, and it’s so great what she did for our customers right before Christmas.”

So how much holiday cheer did the superstar eventually shell out? According to, Beyonce handed out 750 gift cards, totaling a whopping $37,500. And just when we thought we couldn’t love her any more. Swoon. Watch a video here.