Diddy reveals that REVOLT TV isn’t “big on just the reality shows,” hopes to make dreams come true with the network. As part of REVOLT TV’s “State Of Revolt: The Chairman Talks” special, the cable television network’s owner, Diddy, addressed a handful of major music events that have happened this year. Among the most recent happenings Diddy discussed was Beyonce’s newly-released album, Beyonce. The Houston songstress released the surprise album on iTunes on December 13. Despite the unexpectedness of the project, Beyonce currently serves as one of the year’s biggest releases and one of Beyonce’s “best albums” according to Diddy.

During the “State Of Revolt: The Chairman Talks” special, Diddy gave credit to Beyonce for creating a body of work with her new album and revealed that the singer will one day be up there with the likes of Diana Ross and The Rolling Stones.

“I would just motivate more artists and more producers to create a body of work, man,” said Diddy. “You know what I’m saying? You don’t have to do 20 joints. Create a body of work that stands for something and that you want to see stand for yourself 10 years from now. And I think that she didn’t go after making radio records. Like we got, I think, one of the best albums from Beyonce. And also just from an innovation level she’s a different type of artist. She’s up there with the great ones. And everybody should aspire to be up there. Her name will be said with Diana Ross. It will be said with The Rolling Stones.”

Diddy also spoke briefly on his goals for REVOLT TV and what can be expected from the network in the future. The Hip Hop entrepreneur emphasized that REVOLT TV is a network created to uplift artists and not “tear them down.”

“We’re focused on playing the videos and having original programming,” Diddy said. “We’re not really big on just the reality shows and things like that. We want to be known for our journalistic credibility. I want to be there to motivate and inspire artists. I want to be there to believe in them when no one else believed in them…I want to make sure that we don’t try to—with our news we cover the news and we get the opinions from the fans, but it’s not a personal REVOLT thing…I want us to have the power to be a platform to make people’s dreams come true. Not in no way tear them down.”

Released less than two weeks ago, Beyonce’s self-titled album is quickly reaching the one-million mark for the number of copies sold in the United States. News of Beyonce’s latest sales feat, comes days after Target spokesperson Erica Julkowsk informed Billboard.com that the retailer would not sell physical copies of Beyonce.