The whole BeyonceWorld crew would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas! We hope that you enjoy this special time with your loved ones. Have a great holiday and may god continue to bless you =)

Bonus: Take a look at Beyonce doing some last minute shopping yesterday(Dec 24, Christmas Eve) In New York City!

It’s Christmas Eve and I hope that everyone is enjoying themselves with their families for this special holiday. I hope you guys enjoyed our days before Christmas post as much as we did! Today I bring you a very special performance Beyoncé did for Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade in 2008. The beautifully selected song Beyoncé performed was Silent Night. Watch below as Beyoncé soars through this performance with her captivating voice possessing so much magnificence that just makes you week…

On day 2 we bring to you the funny! No Beyonce Christmas list is complete without mentioning the “MTV Punk’d” Episode that aired back in 2003. Host Ashton Kutcher played a joke on Beyonce that left her completely speechless in front of the whole world! Want to see what happened if you didn’t or just want to see it period? Check it out below!

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So as you guy’s can see there was no update today for day three but with good reasoning. Eva is working hard and I(Devon) was starting and finishing my Christmas shopping for my family so we did not have time to prepare a day 3 =( so instead we are going to flip the script just this one time. Instead of giving you an update about Bee we are going to tell you to make sure that you enjoy your family’s during this holiday season and make sure you create memories that will last a lifetime! We hope you all…

On day 4 being that its friday we are sure most of you are heading home for the holiday if you are not with your family’s so we thought it would be great to kick the weekend off with the full Walmart Commercial feat Destiny’s Child and there family spending time together during the holiday season. The commercial was released in 2005 right before the groups separation so we hope you guy’s enjoy!

On day 5 we bring you guy’s a live performance from 2008 when Beyonce performed Ave Maria In New York City at The Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting on December 3! Take a look at the video and photos below!

Bonus: To see a brief interview that Beyonce did right after that performance

On day 6 we reminisce about October 30, 2001 which was the day that Destiny’s Child released there Holiday Album ‘8 Days Of Christmas’. The album contains seven traditional Christmas songs and four original songs. Most of them are re-arranged with up-tempo beats in a contemporary R&B style. It was certified gold by the RIAA in December 2001 for over 500,000 copies shipped in the United States. In 2004, a re-issued version of the album was released, containing previously unreleased records….

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