May 16, 2013


BeyHive member Mandy got the chance to attend last nights(May 15) show in Antwerp and she was sweet enough to email us about her full experience, check it out below:

I went to the mrs.carter show last night (may 15th) in antwerp. It was my 2nd time seeing the show. I had an AMAZING time as always, the queen performed a show like never before, she was unbelievable. Even with the conditions of her health ,she performed, while her doctors advised her not to. Talk about a true artist who cares about her stans/fans. It’s was unreal how she did the show with her health not being on it’s best.. You would hear a sore throat when she would talk. But with the singing? never a false note or a beat missed.. everything was on point!!

So after the show, we went to the buses to see if we could meet the crew, I was with my brother and a friend of mine.
We waited infront of the fence, and from far away i saw larry from les twins coming towards us. We took a picture and after larry, a few of the other dancers, the mamas ,and other band members came towards the buses. People were so surprised that I was shouting everybody’s name from the bey crew. When I saw Ty coming (Beyoncé’s stylist) i was more then hype because I wanted to meet him for such a long time, and now this was finally the moment! We had a little chat, and i instantly fell in love with him! Can’t wait to see everybody again soon. I had the best time, and i finally got to meet and talk + take pics with the most of the beyoncé crew.

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