November 10, 2017

New music featuring Queen Bey! She is featured on his latest song, Walk On Water. In the song, Beyonce is talking to the world about being human, and not wanting everyone to think she that.

I walk on water
But I aint no Jesus
I walk on water
But only when it freezes
Because I’m only human, just like you
I been making my mistakes
So if you only knew
I don’t think you should believe in me
The way that you do
Cause I’m terrified to let you down

Get into the track below.

February 13, 2017

Hold on! Don’t try to slow me down!

After the Grammys, DJ Khaled dropped a new track and it featuring no other than Beyonce and Jay Z!

Definitely different than the vibe Beyonce has been giving lately. Beyonce sings, “Money don’t make me happy, and a fella can’t make me fancy.Smiling for a whole ‘nother reason, all smiles through all four seasons“, in the song she talks about how she has been winning, but not because of the reasons you thinks she is.

Now I’d be lying if I didn’t say, it sounds like they are taking shots at…… someone…..

Petty Petty Petty
I been winning steady
Yonce Yonce Yonce
All up on yo grill lil boy
Poppin off at the mouth, all yeah boy
Came out ’97, Winning 20 years boy

Then Jay Z raps:

I shouldn’t even work back with niggas
12 solo albums, all platinum niggas
I know you aint out here talkin down
Saying boss shit when you a runner right?

July 14, 2016

So this is what they meant when they said, “I came to slay bitch”

The film, which aired on HBO as a visual accompaniment to Beyoncé album of the same name, is nominated in four categories.

    Outstanding Production Design For A Variety, Nonfiction, Event Or Award Special
    Outstanding Directing For A Variety Special
    Outstanding Picture Editing For Variety Programming
    Outstanding Variety Special

For three of the awards, HBO is listed as the nominee “in association with Parkwood Entertainment,” along with the editor or production designer, etc. But, for the directing award, BeyoncĂ© herself is listed along with the production companies and fellow director, Kahlil Joseph, which means that not only could BeyoncĂ©’s entertainment company take home an award, but the singer could, as well, for her directing work.

Congrats Bey!

April 25, 2016

It looks like the Beyhive isn’t the only people living for Lemonade. Read some of our favorite reviews below.

Like much of her music over the last few years, the music on “Lemonade” is not made for pop radio. Besides the explicit language, it doesn’t fit into neat categories and boxes, ranging from R&B to a bit of reggae to rock and even a country twang. Paired with its visuals, it’s also elevated, becoming a work of art that has many layers to be dissected; there may well be dissertations planned on it at this moment.

It all speaks to Beyonce’s undisputed role the queen of pop — not of music, but of culture. It’s hard to imagine any other artist who could drop a project in the middle of our national mourning for Prince and still not only get attention for it, but captivate us so. – Yahoo! Music

Whether or not Lemonade is based on real-life events has been the subject of fevered discussion by forensic BeyoncĂ©ologists, who are poring over lyrical references, old gossip-blog items, and Instagram posts in order to suss out the album’s real-life news pegs. But figuring out whatever blind items BeyoncĂ© is laying down (on her husband’s platform, no less) is hardly essential to enjoying this album. Its songs feel fresh yet instantly familiar, over-the-top but intimate, with Beyoncé’s clarion voice serving as the fulcrum for her explorations of sound and the self. – Time

“Lemonade” is the kind of album that a star like Beyoncé (as well as, lately, Rihanna) can release in the streaming era because she’s already guaranteed attention for her every utterance. The album is not beholden to radio formats or presold by a single; fans are likely to explore the whole album, streaming every track and hearing how far afield — a brass band, stomping blues-rock, ultraslow avant-R&B — Beyoncé is willing to go. As she did with her 2013 album, “Beyoncé,” she has also paired the music with full-length video that expands and deepens its impact.

On their own, the songs can be taken as one star’s personal, domestic dramas, waiting to be mined by the tabloids. But with the video, they testify to situations and emotions countless women endure. It’s not a divorce announcement; the singer, songwriter and director is credited as BeyoncĂ© Knowles Carter. – New York Times

On Freedom, and indeed for much of Lemonade, Beyonce sounds genuinely imperious. She’s obviously not the only major pop star willing to experiment and push at the boundaries of her sound: that’s clearly what Rihanna and Kanye West were attempting to do on Anti and The Life of Pablo respectively. The difference is that those albums were at best a bold and intriguing mess: the sense that the artists behind them were having trouble marshalling their ideas was hard to escape. Lemonade, however, feels like a success, made by someone very much in control. “This is your final warning,” she scowls on Don’t Hurt Yourself, “if you try this shit again, you lose your wife.” You rather get the feeling Jay Z should heed those words: on Lemonade, Beyonce sounds very much like a woman not to be messed with. – The Guardian

With this album, BeyoncĂ© is telling us that she’s made it this far in spite of the system in place; you know — the overtly sexist, subtly racist one. She was served lemons. And she made the most fire, refreshing, delectable, thirst-quenching lemonade ever known to man. Actually, scratch that — ever known to woman. – NPR

April 02, 2015

This unofficial remix of the two is making it’s way around the net. I must say, as a fan of both Beyonce and Chris Brown, this is a duet that I have always wished would happen. Until that dream comes true, I’ll just have to make do with this. Check it out below, as the R&B Crooner, Chris Brown, delivers lines like, “Now I’m reminiscing how we fell in love in Texas“.

March 30, 2015

I guess, by now you have noticed this trending topic. Well today the artists are on a rise. They have launched their own streaming music service. Some of today’s leading artists have come together to bring you, “Tidal”. Tidal offers High Fidelity streaming of your favorite artists music, and is promising to bring future exclusives that can only be found on the app. So who are these artists? Of course, when talking about leading artists, there is Beyonce & Jay Z, but also Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Usher, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, and so many more. Check out the photos in our gallery from the signing. Also follow our instagram….We are on Tidal…are you?

April 26, 2014

Beyonce’s last album was packed with star-studded features from the likes of Jay Z, Frank Ocean, Timbaland, Pharrell and more. However, it could be argued that the most important contributions came from an unknown talent: Boots.

The elusive singer/songwriter/producer worked on more than half of the tracks, producing “Haunted,” “Heaven” and “Blue.”

It’s clear there’s a real creative chemistry between Bey and Boots. And that chemistry shows up again on “Dreams,” a just-released track from Boots featuring vocals from the Queen herself.

The smooth song is one of the tracks off Boots’ upcoming mixtape, WinterSpringSummerFall.

Boots worked on many tracks on BEYONCE. One of the songs he didn’t work on, however, was the album opener, “Pretty Hurts.” The song was produced by Ammo (who works with DJ Luke) and was written by Sia.

In a new interview with NYTimes, Sia mentions that Beyonce wasn’t the first one with the song. The track was sent to both Katy Perry and Rihanna. RiRi’s people passed, while the song just got lost in Katy’s email shuffle.


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