Beyonce was spotted arriving to a party for Jay Z in NYC . She showed off vintage Hollywood glamour, wearing a blue fur coat slung over her shoulder, and a yellow checker print dress with lace embroidered accents. She wore polka dot sunglasses and carried a Snakeskin purse as she walked inside a movie theatre she rented out for Jay Z’s birthday celebration. They watched their pal, Justin Timberlake’s new film, Wonder Wheel.

Beyonce was spotted heading into Soul Cycle yesterday (Aug 7) with husband Jay Z, Kelly Rowland, and Angie Beyince. She was spotted in the parking lot, heading into the building to get her workout on. She was later spotted in LA in the late hours of the night.

Beyonce and Jay Z enjoyed date night at Nobu Malibu yesterday evening, and they created quite the scene when they left the restaurant. Bodyguards and chauffeured SUV’s went out of their way to shield the pregnant singer’s baby bump from photographers, and either she was feeling self conscious about her changing shape, or she simply wants to be the only one to release snapshots of her unborn twins.

Well kinda, but not the way we all want them to. Beyonce reunited with her friends and former Destiny’s Child bandmates during a night out in LA. The glowing superstar singer, with her hair in braids, was seen dining out with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. The trio – who dominated the charts in the girl band – were seen at Republique restaurant in Los Angeles, CA. Beyonce wore a white outfit with cream heels while Kelly wore knee length purple boots and a striped shirt res. Michelle wore blue jeans and a white top. The girls went out on…

Beyonce looks amazing in braids leaving “Beauty & Essex” in Hollywood, after celebrating Roc Nations SVP Lenny S birthday party. Husband Jay Z was there too, as well as Kelly Rowland.

Beyonce's Tony Duran Shoot For Seventeen Magazine Beyonce's Tony Duran Shoot For Seventeen Magazine Beyonce's Tony Duran Shoot For Seventeen Magazine Beyonce's Tony Duran Shoot For Seventeen Magazine Beyonce's Tony Duran Shoot For Seventeen Magazine

Beyonce was seen stepping out low key with her bodyguard and assistant on a shopping trip in Beverly Hills, California on February 16, 2017. Beyonce protected her growing baby bump with her hand while rocking a Virgil Abloh’ t-shirt from Off-White.

HQ Photos of Beyonce’s Maternity photo shoot have been added. Beyonce may be trying to set the world record by breaking the internet consistently for days at a time! Check out the photos in the gallery, as she was shot under water, in the garden, and being artistic with Blue!

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