On behalf of the BW staff, we would like to wish you all a Happy Halloween! We hope you all have a fun filled day and for those that are trick or treating, be safe and get lots of candy!


Beyhive seriously do you know how exceedingly awesome you are? Operation: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEYONCÉ is finished and ready for your viewing pleasure ( BW Crew, Beyoncé Legion, and Beyoncé Lite couldn’t be more happy and grateful to everyone who took part in this special project! It feels so good to have you all come together for something big and special for someone so remarkable. Beyoncé happy birthday and we all love you!

Bonus: Beyhive guess what……


If you are Beyoncé or anyone from her crew then don’t read this post.

If you are a fan then read more details after the cut.


Good morning Beyhive! *Yells* Surprise!!!!!!!!!! As you can see we finally have a new look up! Please forgive us for having the previous layout up for so long. We are very excited to introduce the Mrs. Carter Show theme to you! We have been working endlessly to make sure this launch was perfect along with the designer Lilianne.

We’re thrilled to be kicking off this new era with you all even though we still have a few things to still add…

It’s Here!!!!!!!!! We have uploaded the video of us going through our very first fanbook titled ‘The Beyonce World Presents: GiftedVirgo’. We again would like to thank everyone who participated because without you guys there would be no book, We are very appreciative and it does nothing more then make us excited for the next time we all come together for another project. Special thank you to Ryan who designed the front and back covers as well as the chapter pages which all came out amazing! You were amazing to work with and we are so glad to have you…


(Click the cover to view the High Quality version) As promised Beyhive here is the cover to our fan book The Beyoncé World Presents: Gifted Virgo. Devon, Ryan, and myself would like to thank every member of the hive from the bottom of our hearts for participating in this book. Without the love and support from you guys none of this would be possible! Everyone sent in amazing and beautiful messages, artwork, and pictures to Beyoncé. When she receives this…

Some time ago we announced our Photo Challenge where fans needed to send in a recreation of a Beyonce photo shoot! We would pick the best 5 entry’s and post them up for you guys to vote for the best one. The winner will receive a Mrs. Carter World Tour merchandise fan package that consists of a Beyonce T-Shirt, the Tour Book, and a Mrs. Carter poster! check out the contestants below and vote for the best one!

CarlaContestant One: Carla

The Beyonce World